BinckBank nominates Vincent Germyns as member of the executive board for Retail

BinckBank nominates Mr. Vincent Germyns (1973) for appointment by the supervisory board as statutory director of the executive board responsible for all Retail activities followed immediately after the annual general meeting of shareholders on 22 April 2014. His appointment as member of the executive board is effective from the date of the meeting until the end of the annual general meeting of shareholder to be held in 2018. Mr. Germyns will be responsible for all Retail activities and primarily focus on online brokerage and asset management services.

Last year aforementioned activities used to be under the direct responsibility of chairman Mr. Koen Beentjes, next to his existing tasks as CEO. The nomination of Mr. Germyns is a further emphasis on the relevance of the realisation of the Retail strategy for the European online brokerage and wealth management services. Mr. Germyns has broad experience in both operational management as well as strategy execution.

In his current position Mr. Germyns is responsible for the international expansion of BinckBank. In 2006 he was co-founder of BinckBank Belgium which grew to market leader under his entrepreneurship while BinckBank reached the number 3 position among online brokers in France in a short time frame.  He is also responsible for the recent startup of BinckBank in Italy. Before his career at BinckBank he used to work for KBC Asset Management in Belgium.

Mr. Germyns has the required approval for his appointment as statutory director of the executive board from the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) as well as a positive advice provided by the works council.

After the appointment of Mr. Germyns the executive board of BinckBank consists of Mr. Koen Beentjes (CEO), Mr. Evert Kooistra (CFRO) and Mr. Vincent Germyns. Mr. Pieter Aartsen did not opt for reappointment.


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